Thursday, June 8, 2017

The Bookish Life

I'm starting a book blog. Below I've listed a bulleted list of some reasons why that I am typing as they occur. (I'm off to a GREAT start.)

  • I enjoy reading more than I do almost anything else. Except maybe tacos. But I can't write a taco blog. I mean, technically, I could. What I mean is, it is expensive to keep sizing up in clothes and that is the only inevitable result of a taco blog. I might have just talked myself into getting some tacos.
  • I remember the first book I ever read from start to finish and in the memory, I have a profound sense of satisfaction. It could be because my parents made a huge deal out of it at the time or maybe I just invented that pride in my head. I just know that at that tender young age, I felt for the first time that I had accomplished something. This was no shoe tie. This felt like something. The first book I ever read from start to finish was this one:

That ending tho.

  • Although I keep a record of what I read with accompanying short reviews on my Goodreads page, I have lately found that I want to write a little more about reading and writing and nothing at all about arithmetic. I'm fully blessed with living and working in NYC and I have found that since the halcyon days of my youth, during which I would spend more time inside bars than inside books, I've gravitated more to a contemplative, bookish life. My idea of "going out" lately is to attend Book Expo, to go to the Strand or Greenlight Bookstore in Brooklyn for events, to attend writing workshops. Sometimes, just sometimes....they'll provide booze at these things. But don't tell anyone. I have a rep I'd like to create, then protect.
  • I work a lot and do a lot and I'd like to have a stone wall of reminiscence to flail myself against when I'm decrepit. 
  • I kinda just want to write about books and reading and dorkish things, geez. If that's wrong, I don't wanna be right. 

So, that's all I got for this inaugural entry. I hope you enjoy this blog. If not, I can probably recommend something else good to read.

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