Wednesday, January 17, 2018

New Year, Fresh Books

Hi hi hi!

It has been a minute. A very long, month long minute during which I read but not as much as I'd have liked and wrote not anywhere near as much as I should have. And that includes writing about the books I read. And as I sit here in update of this neglected book blog of mine I can see it coming in a distance...that ever expanding ball of excuses as it rolls down the slope, gathering girth and momentum as it accelerates. Instead of describing all the reasons why, I'll just brace myself against it and say that I'm going to try better.

Considering I just got back from a badly needed vacation, during which I managed to read two books (reviews to come), I think the two nascent weeks of 2018 that continued my long silence and half assed reading attempts can be forgiven, no? Please?

I didn't do a best of post for last year because literally every other book blog, magazine, newspaper, you name it did that and did it better. I didn't decide on a book challenge for this year because, as the autumn of 2017 taught me, life can enbusyfy (yes I made that word up) without warning, making all one's goals and challenges impossible to see through to the end. So I've contented myself with making general goals, the biggest of which is to make a significant dent in the books I have at home. Yes, dear friends, I am planning to focus on the books I have in my bedroom. (Notice, if you will, that I did not say I'm going to read them all nor did I say I'm ONLY going to read the books I have at home.) Three years ago I moved from my apartment after losing my job and into my sister's place and in that time, I've managed to become overwhelmed with the books in my possession. I am a librarian and librarians are literally begged to take free books at every professional (and most social) functions. Oh and also I have a book collecting "problem"that has no cure. These "bedroom books" don't include the boxes upon boxes of books that are in my storage unit, cooling their heels until we can be together again. No, these are fresh books, just hanging out horizontally on multiple surfaces of my bedroom and they must be cleared out. My new job required me to move a library of 70k books and piles and piles of archives and it did something to me, my people. It made me want to be a more orderly collector. It also made me want to dust more but I digress.

So, the only way out is through. I'm going to make a concerted effort to read the books in my room. I haven't counted them yet; my thought on that is that I'll become overwhelmed right out of the gate. I'm prone to "right out of the gate" emotions. Instead I will approach my mountain of books with a tiny pick axe and start chipping away. I'm two books in and I think I can do it. I wonder if I'm right.

What are your reading goals for this year?


  1. I've begun unloading all the galleys I said I'd read but never did at my town library. I sneak in with a large bag and put them on the free books cart and then run away. It's freeing...

    1. I mean, I did a big weeding of my galleys and I'm STILL buried under a small mountain of them! Also, as a former public librarian...shame on you! ;)